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 About Us

We are astrologers, learners ofdifferent streams of astrologyspread throughout India and the globe. We have dedicated our best endeavour to

conduct in-depth studies on the various aspects of astrology so that astrology may do immense for the welfare of mankind. We have built up a project for fulfilling the above-stated and other aims.

Astrology has been studied and applied in life since thousands of years in India , China , Egypt , Babylon , Greece , Arabia and many other countries of the world. It has been proved beyond all doubts that Astrological predictions decided the fate of many kings and kingdoms, warfares etc. since days immemorial. So many saintly people termed Astrology as the art of arts and science of sciences. Our observations reveal the planets of the solar system do influence both animate and inanimate creation on earth. Astrology tries to find out and delineate the generally unknown and imperceptible reasons for these influences. While a particular astrologer may be praised or blamed, according to his experience or capacities, the     
principles of astrology can hardly be dismissed off-hand. According to a reputed scholar “Astrology is indeed a synthesis of all branches of knowledge. It includes, into various ramifications, such modern sciences as astronomy, medicine, biology, chemistry, physics and many others.” It is open to arguments whether or not so called scientists who claim immunity from superstitions are not themselves superstitious in some matters, otherwise they would surely admit the influence of moon on man and nexus between female menstruation and the waxing and waning moon and also between the moon and the mind of man. Cases of lunacy, that is to say, cases when the human mind is derranged permanently or temporarily bring this into clear belief that the planets do have something to say in moulding the fate of mortals.

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