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Viswa Jyotish Vidyapith

Viswa Jyotish Vidyapith

8, Ashutosh Seal Lane , Kolkata-700 009

033 2360-1224

E-mail : rksastri13@gmail.com

With a view to imparting a systematic education of Astrology to those who desire to learn the same in a scientific way, Astrological Research Project has established Viswa Jyotish Vidyapith in 1975. From a humble beginning it grows like a colossus and has become a global centre to add humanism to the machanisation that technological progress has provided. The aim of the Vidyapith is to provide a systematic and scientific enquiry and research in the field of Astrology. This Vidyapith has the rare distinction of launching the first and foremost concerted attempt in West Bengal to stimulate research activities on the divine science of Astrology In today's perspectives Astrology has been put to a big challenge from the intellectually advanced circles engaged in finding out the truth and perfection and naturally Astrology must shake off all senses of mysticism and superstitions, doubts and contradictions that may from time to time wrap this science and must come up scientifically to meet the challenges. As such, considerable amount of responsibility comes forth on the shoulders of avowed sincere astrologers in matters of upgrading and putting it in a scientific codified system. Of course, the acceptability and utility of Astrology have already been duly recognised by the World Health Organisation. In a report, recently published, WHO has clearly stated that the study of Astrology and Palmistry is a very helpful medium for diagnosing acute illness and diseases, particularly some diseases which used to confuse the medical experts in some cases. Russian medical practitioners have progressd a lot on the research of medical palmistry as revealed in a report prepared by the World Health Organisation. It is really a matter of pride for the lovers of Astrology that the Government of India has already recognised and introduced astrology as a subject of study at the graduate and post graduate levels in many Indian Universities. Some foreign universities also have provided scope for P.G.Studies in astrology and conduct researches. This is the outcome of Viswa Jyotish Vidyapith's persistent endeavour of convincing global population about its indispensibility for a better world. Extensive research activities are urgently required to be undertaken so as to usher the new era of this divine science to illuminate the life of mankind with the light of wisdom and to rejuvenate Astrology to its ancient glory. This prompted the establishment of Viswa Jyotish Vidyapith in 1975 under the able leadership of Prof. Dr. Ramkrishna Sastri. By dint of its attempts to endless researches aiming at re-vitalizing Astrology to suit to the current perspectives, its good name has been spread throughout the various corners of Sun's third planet. With a view to undertaking to evolve a thorough scientific and methodological enquiry and research, correct predictive techniques and to popularising Astrology at all levels by showing its real merit, came to being this centre of learning which has become world attraction now. Viswa Jyotish Vidyapith managed by Astrological Research Project regularly conducts different courses of study such as : (i) Purba-Madhyama (Certificate), Uttar-Madhyama (Diploma), Sastri (Degree), Acharya (Post-graduate course), Vidya Bachaspati (M. Phil) & Vidya Baridhi (Doctor of Astrology, Research Course). The subjects taught in different courses are Predictive Astrology, Mandane Astrology, Palmistry, Astronomy, Remedial Astrology, Medical Astrology, Siddhanta Jyotish, Horary Astrology, Industrial Astrology, Computer Astrology & Market Forecast. Besides Hindu traditional system, Krishnamurthy Paddhati, is also taught here. The Vidyapith has a distinguished and gifted Faculty. This Institute encourages thought-provoking and research-oriented ideas. It has built up a superb tradition of creating a very healthy atmosphere for honouring the glorious cultureal heritage. Interested persons may collect detailed Prospectus and Admission Form by sending Rs.60.00.